Updated Covid-19 Visitation Guidelines

*Outside Healthcare Vendors are to be screened at the door and must perform hand hygiene,

temperature check, screening questions and MUST wear gown, gloves and facemask while in the building.

* Residents are now allowed to have up to two visitors in the visitation room or outdoors in the tent at a time. These visits must be scheduled with Kristina, Social Services. Each resident is allowed to have 5 visitors on their list of allowable visitors.  Only those 5 listed are allowed to visit indoors or outdoors in the tent. Visitors must perform hand hygiene, temperature check and screening questions prior to visiting. Facemasks are to be worn by both visitors and residents. Social distancing is still required therefore, there will still be a plexiglass window between the resident and the visitor.


*Other visitors (those not on the list of 5 approved visitors) are allowed to visit through the window or via computer only.

*Residents are now allowed to leave the building with any of the 5 visitors on their approved visitors’ list for day visits and appointments off-site without being quarantined upon return. However, if residents are gone overnight, they will still be required to quarantine upon return.  Once the resident returns to the building he/she will be screened before entering. For these off-site visits to continue to be successful, we are urging the person who is removing the resident from the building to continue to follow social distancing, facemasks and hand hygiene while out of the building. Please do not take the resident out into high volume businesses or venues such as Walmart, department stores, restaurants or sporting events as this increases the chances of contracting and spreading Covid-19. If even one person tests positive after we start these visitations, we are required to start over with phase 1 and again restrict visitations and stop all off-site visits.  We know going out to eat with your loved one is a popular activity but a better alternative to going into a restaurant might be to get the food to go and take it home or to the park.  The residents are excited to be able to participate in these less restrictive visiting options and we encourage everyone to do their part so It can continue.


*The facility at any time may quarantine any resident who has been exposed to the Covid-19 virus or exhibit symptoms of such. This quarantine is at the discretion of the facility and is based on guidelines and recommendations from the department of health and senior services, the centers for disease control and the centers for medicare/medicaid services.


THANK YOU to everyone for your support and encouragement. We could not be this successful without you.  Due to your commitment to keeping our residents, staff and visitors safe and free from Covid-19, we have been able to keep this aggressive virus from all of our residents to date.

This is an enormous accomplishment and one we should all take pride in!