Active senior woman wearing yoga clothes and stretching outdoors in the shade

The choice is yours!

A positive and uplifting atmosphere can set the tone for a resident’s stay. We employ friendly and professional staff to create social programs and activities that can have a powerful impact on the healing process.

We have an enhanced activities program with a daily calendar of events including, but not limited to:

  • Active resident councils and volunteer programs
  • Musical performances
  • Current events update
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Singing exercises
  • Fitness activities
  • Stretching exercises
  • Religious meetings
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Trivia
  • History
  • Field trips/outings
  • Volunteer involvement
  • Manicures/pedicures
  • Wine tastings
  • Spa treatments
  • Resident courtyard
  • Family night
  • Bingo
  • Bird aviary
  • Turtle courtyard