We Believe in Lincoln Tee Shirts


Hi Families and Friends,

As this COVID crisis continues across our country, our staff at Lincoln Community Care Center has been given the added responsibility of additional training, wearing additional protective equipment, working extra hours, and still finding the time to give extra attention to each of our residents to ensure our residents are receiving added reassurance and the best care possible. As a way of saying “Thank you,” the management team and the Board of Directors agreed to the purchasing of t-shirts for each of our employees. These t-shirts are just a fun way to say thank you and a gentle reminder as to why it is so important to wear those facemasks every day. We worked with the printing company to allow t-shirts to be purchased by families and friends to show support during these trying times and to remind people why it is so important that we continue to wear our facemasks. So if you would like to purchase a t-shirt for yourself, your family or a resident here at LCCC feel free to order on the link provided. There is no obligation to purchase, we just want to provide the opportunity to purchase one if you so choose.

Thank you,

Sheryl LaFavor